Dear Hanes

Dear Hanes,
Now I know you guys probably have your hands pretty full over there, but if we could just take a minute to talk about your undershirts? See, I was under the impression that people wear undershirts to hide certain things, whether it’s sweat pits or whatever, but we’ve got a little issue, and I swear this can’t just be me, but what’s the deal with nipples? Because I’m pretty sure after putting on your guys’ undershirts, mine are more pronounced than ever. So if we could get somebody working on making more nipple friendly undershirts? Yeah, that’d be great.
Affectionately Yours,
Nipple-y and Not Lovin’ It

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Ever think those thoughts that don't seem important enough to put down on paper? Welcome to my life. I write random thoughts, movie reviews, and the occasional work of fiction. Take a look around, there's a little bit of something for everyone.

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