Dear Casual Acquaintance

Dear Casual Acquaintance,
Look, I know we had class together last quarter. I remember, I would always sit in the third or fourth row and you would always sit in the row in front of me. Occasionally I’d ask if you had pen I could borrow. It was pleasant chit-chat, but those days are behind us now. I haven’t seen you in months! So why the hug? I get it, it’s a nice gesture, but considering I can feel the underwire of your bra against my chest, it’s a little too much. So whaddya say? let’s keep it strictly casual and leave the hugs for the people whose names I actually remember, okay?
Cordially Yours,
I Would Leave My Real Name, But I Don’t Want a Random Friend Request From You on Facebook

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Ever think those thoughts that don't seem important enough to put down on paper? Welcome to my life. I write random thoughts, movie reviews, and the occasional work of fiction. Take a look around, there's a little bit of something for everyone.

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