Dear Fellow CTA Commuter

Dear Fellow CTA Commuter,
How’s it goin’? Mind if I have seat while we talk a minute?
I mean, it’s awfully crowded and I see you have an empty seat next to you… oh wait, you do mind? Well, sincerest apologies. I understand how important your space is to you.
Ya know what? I’m not even asking for me. I’m asking for the older woman that just got on at Grand and can barely hold herself up. But God forbid your comfort be compromised. It’s not like I’m saying “give up your seat”, there’s an empty seat right there next to the window, but you chose to sit on the outer seat.
My favorite part is how your legs are kinda cocked to the side so that you block a seat and block the aisle.
Well, anyway this is my stop, but thanks for listening. You’re a real class act. next time you find yourself waiting for a train, why don’t you jump in front of one?
Angrily Yours,
Annoyed at Addison


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