Dear Gary Busey

Dear Gary Busey,
I was really sorry to hear about all this Charlie Sheen nonsense. I mean, does he not know who he’s dealing with? Drugged out and crazy was totally your schtick first.
Then I saw you landed on a reality show with LaToya Jackson so it seems like you’re in good hands. If anything, time with any member of the Jackson family is bound to make you crazier.
So, best of luck with that. Just remember that I believe in you. I bet you can totally outcrazy Sheen.
Busey Believer


2 thoughts on “Dear Gary Busey

  1. Stumbled on this blog while looking for some good humor. I agree about Busey; he has always been my favorite crazy celebrity. I still haven’t seen “Gingerdead Man,” but it’s on my list!

    Thanks for making me smile šŸ™‚

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