Dear Hershey’s

Dear Hershey’s,
I’m puzzled by one of my latest purchases. How is that your problem, you might be wondering.
Well, it’s not really. It’s more a source of fascination rather than anything else.
I guess I should start off by saying, I’m not much of a chocolate person.
It’s nothing personal (or racial, so don’t even go there), it’s just never really been my scene, but still every so often, I find myself with a craving.
So I’ll go out and buy a bag of Hershey’s Kisses knowing full well that there are a number of people I could pawn them off to when I inevitably get sick of them.
But yesterday, I resisted the urge. Well, not entirely, but I went a different route. i went with the chocolate syrup. How can you go wrong there? Chocolate milk is easily one of the top greatest inventions made by man. Well, after sliced bread, but before Jesus and the Bible.
So here’s where I get confused. How can you make something so delicious as chocolate syrup, but something so chalky as your actual chocolate?
After the joke I made about jesus being made up, I kinda gave up hope that anyone would answer this letter, plus, I figured it might be one of those things I’d regret knowing what it’s made out of, like gummy bears or Soylent Green.
Choked Up on Chocolate


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