Dear God

Dear God,
I know we’ve had words in the past… well, actually, my version of having words with you always seemed to take the form of not having words with you… but ya know what? Considering you’re supposed to be the creator of the known Universe, why don’t you be the bigger man and just let that one slide?
Anyways, I know I was never you’re favorite guy, but I was just curious… well, this is actually kinda awkward now… how do I put this delicately? Do you um… do you ever regret creating man and woman?
I only ask because I know if I was in your position, I sure as hell would. Ooh, sorry, poor choice of words. Anyways, I’m just sayin’, after all you do, they end up casting Val Kilmer as you in The Prince of Egypt? Don’t get me wrong, love the movie, and I know you’re supposed to be all about forgiveness and everything, but man, something’s are just unforgivable.
Well, if you’re God and all, you should probably know who wrote this

P.S. You get some wacky stuff when you Google Image your name…


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