Dear Netflix

Dear Netflix,
I’ve always been a fan. I mean, what can I say? Who else is the leading supplier of movies that I’m too embarrassed to rent at an actual video store because I’m embarrassed of what the clerk will say when he sees them?
But things have changed lately. This whole algorithm predictive technology stuff is really throwing movie and surprisingly enough, not just because I don’t understand it.
Okay, granted I know I’m getting some weird stuff since I’m not the only who watches Netflix Instant Play, but there are some other choices that are stil questionable… like, the category of “TV Shows about Parenthood?” When I looked to see what I possibly could have watched to recommend that sub-category, Netflix reminded me that I have “an interest in TV shows”, which is just about one of the most generic statements you can ever make, as well as my interest in Family Guy. For starters, I haven’t expressed “interest” in Family Guy since at least over 6 months ago. Secondly, “shows about parenthood” leads to Family Guy? I mean, I know the title of the show and everything, but seriously? Fail Netflix. I expected better from you.


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