Dear Growing Pains

Dear Growing Pains,
Full disclosure, I was never much of a fan of you. What with Kirk Cameron’s wacky Jesus-loving ways and the penchant for feathered hair, even on your male stars, there just wasn’t much appeal for me. Still, that doesn’t mean that I don’t recognize you for the important television series that you were.
Amongst my friends, I’m one of the only ones who’s not much of a fan, so you must be doing something right. Furthermore, you stuck around for seven years, two of which even included a young Leonardo DiCaprio, so there must be some appeal. But what really sold me on you was the ridiculous amount of awards you’ve nominated for/won. One of your leading men took home a Blimp from the Teen Choice Awards? That’s how you know you’ve hit the big time.
Still, all of the reasons above indicate that there must have been at least some intelligence on the set. So, how did you arrive at a place in the writer’s room where it was agreed that a character named Boner was a good idea? Not only is that questionable writing, but c’mon, you’re supposed to be a family-friendly show and you’re peddling that filth? I’m disappointed, folks. I don’t even know how you managed to slip it past good ol’ Kirk “born again” Cameron, so kudos for getting it done, but seriously? I expected better of you, Growing Pains. I’m not sure why, especially considering the best picture I could find of the cast was the one featured on the Fox News website, but I really did.
Sucker for Sitcoms


4 thoughts on “Dear Growing Pains

  1. I stumbled on this blog looking for something funny to read. I agree about “Boner”- whenever I flip through the channels and see that character, I wonder “How did they get this past the censors?!”

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