Dear Boba Fett

Dear Boba Fett,
Can you believe my mom recommended I not write this letter?
Not only did she say that you weren’t real, but she said that if I wrote this letter, it might come off as “sad and delusional.”
Thanks for the words of advice, mom!
Anyways, I’m writing this hoping that by the time this gets to you, you won’t have just been unceremoniously killed off in Return of the Jedi yet. I know it’s a long, long time ago, but the galaxy far, far away part gives me hope that the whole light years things might work in my favor, right? I dunno, I never claimed to be a scientist.
Whether you’re alive or not, maybe someone from your estate is reading your fan mail and can help me with this quandary… how does one get into the alien bounty hunting game? I mean, I’m not looking for a step-by-step guide or anything, but some pointers might be nice. Because this whole grad school thing isn’t really working out. It’s become a little tedious for me, but I think I could have a real future in alien bounty hunting, but I could use some advice on where to get started.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Hope to hear from you soon on the steps to take before I set off on my fantastic career as an alien bounty hunter! No, seriously, because I really have no idea how somebody gets into that racket, ya know? Anyways…
Bounty Hunter Hopeful


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