Dear Neighbor (Pt. 2)

Dear Neighbor,
Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed an increased noise level.
The frantic scratching of the hardwood floors.
The constant clawing at the metal bars.
The feeble, yet heartbreaking, half-hearted howls.
In case you didn’t get this yet, I got a dog.
What did you think all of those “good boy”s were for you or any one of the other neighbors in this building?
No, Karl is a recent transplant and in the month or so he’s been here, he’s already proven himself a much more considerate neighbor than you.
With the exception of the occasional sleepbarking and his general odor, he’s always been the perfect gentleman.
You, on the other hand, continue to thud around upstairs even when Karl grumbles his protest with a meek bark.
I just don’t get it. Did you not get my last letter?
Let me make it easier for you… in order to read my last letter to you, just google “Random Letters to the World” and I should be the first hit. Just scroll over to the sixth page and go to the very bottom. You’re the first entry. Or… the last one on the page, which means chronologically you’re the first. Understand?
Hopefully this will clear up my feelings about you, but just so we’re clear, I enjoy the company of a dog more than i enjoy you.
Is that clear enough?


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