Dear Guy in the Miles Davis T-Shirt on His Sweet Schwinn

Dear Guy in the Miles Davis T-Shirt on His Sweet Schwinn,
Has anybody congratulated you today on your sheer awesomeness?
It doesn’t surprise me. Some people just freeze up when confronted with people who are clearly cooler than them.
Say, I was never a big Miles Davis fan, but I was kinda hoping to get into him, could you recommend a few albums?
… wait, you don’t really listen to him?
Then why are you wearing the shirt?
Ya know, I’ve gotta say, after you took the 15 or 20 seconds to explain to me that it was just cuz you thought it looked cool, I understand now.
I’m so glad we stopped and had this discussion because here I was thinking you were just a pretentious douche bag who liked to flaunt his clearly intellectual, musical tastes.
I’m relieved to find that you’re only a poser pretentious asshole. I’m sure it’ll help me sleep better tonight.
Well, besides the obvious “try wearing the shirt of a band you actually like”, I’m pretty sure you and I are done here.
Yeah, thanks for taking the time to kill my faith in my own generation. I’m kinda surprised it didn’t take longer.
Who am I kidding? No I’m not.


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