Dear Wishbone

Dear Wishbone,
I guess I have a lot to thank you for. I mean, without you, how would I know about the world of television?
My parents were never big on the idiot box, but when you came along and decided to pay your way into parent’s hearts by being vaguely educational and adorable, everything changed.
But that wasn’t all you did for me.
I mean, sure you won me over mainly cuz of your sidecracks and the adorable way you would always scratch at the pages of a book.
Still, that’s no match for the powerful life lesson you taught me.
Did you know that sometimes people makes movies about books?
Well, okay, yeah, you probably did considering you were one of ’em, but still the thought had never dawned on me.
Thanks to you, I even belong to the Facebook group “No, I haven’t read that literary classic, but I’ve seen the Wishbone!”
So thank you Wishbone, for creating slackers since 1995.
… But those books are sooo long


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