Dear Fellow Dog Owner

Dear Fellow Dog Owner,
I’m sorry, I never got a chance to introduce myself while my dog violated yours with his curious snout.
My name’s Calhoun.
Then again, it’s not for lack of trying. I mean, seriously, I was just being polite and making conversation.
I figured that’s what happens when two dogs stop their owners dead in their tracks to check each other out. Are you telling me the dog owners aren’t supposed to follow suit?
Well, in my defense, nobody ever told me that…
If you don’t mind me asking, was it the pit stains that turned you off? Because I can explain those… or was it just the general odor that was emanating from my sweaty tee? Because I can explain that too.
See, I was just finishing my 3-miler and then I went back home to grab the dog for his mile-long walk, so this isn’t how I normally smell… or look. This is 4 miles worth of exercise working against me.
Maybe we can run into each other when I’ve actually had time to shower and look presentable? Yeah, I didn’t think so either…


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