Dear Girl at the Gym Who Won’t Stop Staring

Dear Girl at the Gym Who Won’t Stop Staring,
At first it wasn’t too weird. Hell, it was even kinda flattering.
I don’t know if you know this, but I don’t get a ton of attention from folks.
I’m not saying this in a “wah, poor me” kinda way, it’s just true.
I don’t tend to register on most people’s radar and that’s fine.
So when I saw you looking at me, it was a nice change of pace.
Then when I saw that it wasn’t so much “looking” as it was gawking, things became uncomfortable.
I first noticed it on the shoulder press. Then when I was on the chest press, you were still watching.
Even on the pulldown, you stood on the machine right next to me with an odd look on your face.
It was a mix of intrigue and disgust. The longer you stared and the closer you got, the more evident the disgust became until it was pretty much written on your face.
I broke the silence.
“Yeah… can I help you with something?”
You looked a little confused.
“Excuse me?” I asked again, with slight trepidation.
That shook you from whatever altered state you found yourself in.
“Oh, sorry, I was just looking at your bug.”
I looked down at right arm, which was in mid-curl. There I saw what she was talking about, branded on my arm.
The Hercules beetle.
Before I had a chance to give my pre-canned speech about it being symbolic of strength, given that it’s the strongest animal in the world, and launch into how, in some cultures, the beetle was even revered as a symbol of good fortune, you were gone. I watched as you hurriedly scurried away, probably embarrassed.
So, girl at the gym who won’t stop staring, there you have it. Remember how your mom told you not to stare?
She mighta been onto something… but it’s an even better idea not to stare in a room of wall-to-wall mirrors so you don’t seem so obvious.


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