Dear Whiskey

Dear Whiskey,
I drank you last night, based on the promise that you would, indeed, make me frisky.
Imagine my shock and awe when you just made me ornery.
I don’t need to drink to be pissed off! I can do that all on my own!
Hell, just put me in front of a computer with an Ann Coulter video goin’ or Sarah Palin yammering on about a return to fundamental American values and then messing up a re-telling of American history.
So, what am I supposed to get out of this, whiskey?
Cuz right now, I feel cheated.
Drinkin’ whiskey didn’t make me feel frisky and I’m pretty sure “pissed off” is just my average state of mind.
I guess I’m just immune to your charms. Or maybe the mixture of beer and Southern Comfort that came before you diluted your effects a little? Who knows? All I’m saying is that I’m less than impressed…


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