Dear January Jones

Dear January Jones,
What were you thinking?
I mean, how do you think people would feel if someone just pissed on their kid? Cuz that’s what you did, Ms. Jones. You just pissed on my childhood!
Oh, you don’t understand my outrage? Well, allow me to explain.
After watching X-men: First Class last night, I was left with a range of emotions. I was happy to see Rose Byrne as Dr. Moira MacTaggert. I was happy to see some old favorites, like Havok. I was sad to see a gross departure from the continuity of the comics, but I learned to live with it.
The one transgression I could not abide though, was you Ms. Jones. Sure, we could play the “character development” game and say it was in the writing, which it was also, but you’re oversimplified portrayal of one of my all-time favorite and complex characters in the X-Men universe left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
For instance, i don’t know who told you that Emma Frost was servile and constantly waiting for a man to give her orders or rescue her, but they’ve obviously been reading the wrong material. Emma Frost is powerful, not only in her ability, but as a woman. She’s sexual, she’s manipulative, but she is very much her own woman.
Pouty-lipped and scantily clad? That’s how you choose to pay tribute to one of the greatest comic book women that Marvel has put out in their publication history? Or is that the only thing you can act?
Whatever it is, Emma deserved better than that.
Comic Book Crusader


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