Dear Drunk Bad Decision Self

Dear Drunk Bad Decision Self,
We don’t know each other very well.
You usually join the party when my good-willed rational self is too tired or lazy to carry on yet another conversation about life after film school.
I know that you probably don’t mean to be an asshole but, well, you kinda are…
For instance, while you might think it’s a good idea to take off your shirt to clean up a spill in the kitchen, other people might not love it.
Same goes for your tendency to sign crude things like “fuck you” on your taxi receipt when you get into an argument with the cabbie.
I know you may think that you’re doing the right thing at the time, I can assure you that your Catholic guilt will win that moral debate when you wake up with a splitting headache the next morning. My suggestion is to just not be a dick, even when you drink.


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