Dear Not-So-Subtle Staring Guy

Dear Not-So-Subtle Staring Guy,
It’s not that I’m not flattered by your unadulterated objectification of me as I run past you on mile 5 of my daily run. It’s just, well, how about trying to woo a guy first?
Don’t get me wrong, I was a big fan of the direct approach. Especially the part where you clearly said something to your friend about me and forcibly turned him around so he could join in on the fun.
I don’t care what they say. Who wants flowers or chocolates when you can have a good, old-fashioned anonymous encounter just running down the street? And here they say romance is dead…
So thank you, kind stranger, for recognizing me not as a man, not as an intellectual, not as a witty conversationalist, but as a piece of meat first and foremost. It’s nice to know if this whole pursuit of higher knowledge doesn’t work out, according to some stranger, I’ve got my looks to fall back on. Thank you for that little reminder.


2 thoughts on “Dear Not-So-Subtle Staring Guy

  1. You are a guy complaining about other guys finding you attractive? Maybe it I am because I am hideous ogre but I think I would be flattered. I think, I guess everything is a nightmare to someone.

    • Haha I’m sure you’re not a hideous ogre and it isn’t so much that he found me attractive as it is the way that the attraction was conveyed, do you know what I mean?
      Strike up a conversation or even smile, but don’t just gawk. It’s awkward for both of us when you do that…

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