Dear Landlord

Dear Landlord,
Have you ever heard the expression “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”?
It’s a fairly common expression, but allow me to break it down for you.
See, it’s like this… people don’t like assholes. Well, maybe emotional masochists do, but I have to imagine they’re in the minority. Anways, back to my main point. People don’t like assholes. Therefore, don’t be an asshole and we’re good.
What could have inspired me to share this little sermon of wisdom with you, you may ask?
Well, it goes something like this. After the physical, emotional, and mental beating I’ve put myself through these past few weeks, I’ll concede that my place is a bit of a mess.
Knocking on my back door and saying “If you get a roach problem, you’re paying for it. Your place looks filthy.” though? Yeah, that still just seems kinda like a dick move. Forget about the fact that it makes me less and less inclined to re-up my lease, how about the fact that the statement achieves nothing? It’s like saying, “Hey, I know you don’t have this problem and you might never have this issue and you certainly didn’t come to me asking for help… but if you did, I still wouldn’t help.”
It’s good to know that you’re so accommodating, but why don’t you keep your misery to yourself? Just a helpful suggestion from tenant to landlord.


2 thoughts on “Dear Landlord

  1. I’ve dealt with asses for landlords…but usually it’s just my neighbours that drive me bonkers. I once had a landlord that way overstepped his boundaries. My roomie and I were sitting on the couch and heard keys in the door…no notice, no KNOCKING…nothing. Just thought he could come in as he pleased. Unbelievable…

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