Dear Helen Keller

Dear Helen Keller,
I don’t know how to write in bumps, so I hope you have someone nearby who can read this to you… oh… right. Sign it to you? Oh… yeah, I forgot about that too. Maybe someone can translate it into bumps for you?
Anyways, it doesn’t matter how you read it, it’s the thought that counts, right? And for all the jokes and all the politically incorrect things that have been said about you, I just thought you should know, you’ve been a real trooper. It might have something to do with the fact that you’re dead now… or that no one would probably bother to commit those horrible (but funny) jokes to braille.
But seriously, you have no idea what you’ve done to impact the lives of others. Forget about the technical innovation of braille alone, you’ve done so much more. Like the game, Apples to Apples? I win every time I throw your card down. Sure, I always thought it was a little weird that they had a Helen Keller card, but whatever. It’s not how you play the game, it’s whether you win or lose. And with Helen Keller on your side, you’re always a winner. Well, in Apples to Apples at least… you might lose in a bar fight with Helen Keller on your side… But let’s not get into that.
Let’s just leave it at thanks for everything Helen Keller.


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