Dear Karl (Pt. 2)

Dear Karl,
I appreciate you letting me know that you need to go out, I really do.
But let’s talk about tact.
Now I get if you can’t help that you wanna go out at 5 in the morning, but there are certain ways of telling me, ya know?
You could bark. I mean, sure, it’s not preferred for the rest of the building, but it gets the job done.
You could even just walk over to the door.
However, the method you chose this morning? Well, I feel like I should tell you… I wasn’t really a fan.
If you wanna sleep beside me in bed, I understand, lotsa dogs do it. You wanna sleep with your head facing my feet? Okay, we’re gettin’ a little weirder, but whatever. This does not mean that it’s okay to wake me up by farting in my face though. It’s just not the best way of waking up. Call me old-fashioned, but why don’t you try barking next time?
I think it might work better for both us.


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