Dear Grown Ass Woman Who Squealed When I Walked By

Dear Grown Ass Woman Who Squealed When I Walked By,
I’ve learned to accept that not all people are dog people. me? personally, I’m a big dog person. Probably explains why I own a dog, doesn’t it?
One of the pesky parts about dogs is they aren’t caged up and tenderized like veal. they need their exercise, so it’s only natural that I would take my dog for walks. he’s a bit of a sniffer so I usually don’t even do it during peak hours. It’s either early morning or late at night.
This is partially because it’s pretty much all my schedule allows, but a decent part of it also has to do with, well, people like you. See, you don’t strike me as a dog person and that’s all well and good, but he’s gotta go out sometime.
10 PM on a Tuesday? It’s usually a safe time, but judging from your little squeal when the dog passed by you, and the little hop in your step as you ran away from him, it seems safe to say that it wasn’t really a good time for you.
My apologies that my dog’s need to exercise and my current schedule seemed to terrify you so much, but ya know what freaks me out? That ear-piercing shriek that came out of your mouth.
For God’s sake woman, it’s a dog! Sniffing is what he does!
He wasn’t trying to look up your skirt. He wasn’t trying to maul you. He was just doing what he does best.
For your sake, I hope that little squeal wasn’t what you do best but, well, if it is, I guess I’ll just hafta learn to live with it, now won’t I?


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