Dear Take Back Boystown

Dear Take Back Boystown,
For once, I’m going to do my best to be serious.
Please know that I don’t take these matters lightly. The insistences of violence in Boystown are terrifyingly real and I understand that something needs to be done.
Still, in only a matter of a few short days, this righteous rusade has become a witch hunt.
As “outsiders” in the mainstream, we should recognize what it is to be profiled, to be discriminated against, and what it means to be confined to a stereotype.
While I understand that these crimes have largely been committed by “outsiders” to the community, this doesn’t mean that everyone who isn’t the same as you should be viewed as a threat.
We constantly tell people that there is no “gay look.”
Gay isn’t white. It isn’t black. It isn’t Asian. It isn’t Latino.
It isn’t tall. It isn’t short.
It isn’t any single thing.
The same can be said of crime.
Crime doesn’t know race, gender, class, or anything else. Some people are just criminals.
However, the real danger that’s come out of this discussion is the rhetoric. There are people saying that these criminals “don’t belong here in the first place.”
People have been saying the same thing about the gay community for years.
Furthermore, in our pursuit of equality, do we not owe other groups the same right?
How can we rightly say that we wanted to be treated with the same respect as others and then say that some people don’t belong?
I agree that something needs to be done, but this divisive approach has me more frightened than the stabbings themselves.


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