Dear Ethnocentric & Vaguely White Supremacist Guy at Caribou

White supremacy is bad, mmkay?

Dear Ethnocentric & Vaguely White Supremacist Guy at Caribou,
Look, I know we came to blows yesterday and the conversation got pretty heated, but ya know what? Today’s a new day.
I hear what you’re saying about “this is America” and “Mexicans should learn to speak goddamn English”, but I gotta say, I’ve got some problems with that logic.
I mean, you realize that this whole debate started with you saying, “Why should I hafta press 1 if I wanna speak to a customer service representative in English?”
… You realize how ridiuclous that is, right? This whole thing started because you didn’t wanna press a number?
Well, you realize that Spanish speakers have to press a number in order to speak to someone in Spanish, don’t you?
I mean, it’s really the same amount of effort on both parts… but in true American spirit, the laziness is undeniable element.
It was where you said “they” were washing away white identity.
Well, for starters, who are “they”? I know I asked you yesterday, but your answer of “Oh, you don’t even know” was a little less than satisfactory.
Furthermore, suppose you’re right and the ubiquitous “they” are deconstructing “white identity” (and that’s a big supposition), are you <i.really gonna act as if white people aren’t guilty of the same crime for centuries? Because we definitely are… but if I’ve learned one thing from our little chance encounter, it’s that ignorance knows no bounds.
You wouldn’t listen yesterday and you probably won’t listen today.
You can keep dreaming of your Aryan brotherhood, but just so you know, things aren’t lookin’ up, so you might wanna let that dream die.


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