Dear Professor

Dear Professor,
I know you’re new here, so let me tell you how we tend to do things around here.
We tend not to lead with “What did you do wrong?” in critiques.
Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but starting off with the negative, well, it tends to put people on the defensive.
Oh yeah, and then there’s this whole thing where it’s just kinda rude.
Plus, if ya really think about it, any failings on our part do sorta reflect on you, so wouldn’t a better question be, “how could you have taught the class better?” which, at this stage, seems pretty valid.
It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed the class, but in between the straight up factual inaccuracies you’ve continued to feed us paired with your less than impressive command of English, it’s been to difficult to get a handle on any of the learning material.
Maybe it’s a cultural barrier, but it’s enough to make the majority of this class, a waste of all of our time.


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