Dear Elderly Man Telling Me How to Raise My Dog

Dear Elderly Man Telling Me How to Raise My Dog,
While I appreciate your input, in this particular instance, why don’t you let me handle things?
For instance, while your recommendation of “just let those two dogs fight”, referring to my extremely antisocial dog and an overly friendly labrador retriever, is greatly appreciated, my gut says no.
Furthermore, while I normally love complete strangers making snap judgments about me, no, I do not spoil my dog and discourage him from socializing.
I just happen to know him better than you.
But none of this compares to your absolutely enthralling tale of how my dog reminds you of your ex-lover.
Well, not so much my dog as his name is the same as your former partner’s name… I’m sure there were some subtleties to the tale, but they just must have been lost on me.
Definitely worth making me take off my Boba Fett headphones to listen to you prattle on for an obscene amount of time, given your complete lack of knowledge or regard of anyone but yourself.


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