Dear Josie & the Pussycats

Dear Josie & the Pussycats,
I know William Hanna and Joseph Barbera must have seen something in you, but ya know, even roughly 40 years later, I just don’t get the appeal.
In fact, and I may regret these words later, I think I may even prefer the version of you that featured Tara Reid. See, they at least knew what they were… even if it took them a whole movie to figure out that they were family first and musicians second or whatever.
But you? I mean, you’re a mystery-solving team? But you also play rock and roll?
I just, ya know, I just feel like you’re trying to do too much. And ya know what happens when you try to do too much? One of your art forms suffers.
So here’s the thing, you’ve got some sweet jams, why don’t you try for the rock and roll lifestyle?
Why not leave the real mystery-solving to a certain food-loving great dane and his band of unlikely cohorts? Just a helpful, if not slightly dream-crushing, suggestion.


2 thoughts on “Dear Josie & the Pussycats

  1. Dear Calhoun;
    Thank you for the snotty dismissal. Here are some tips: If you don’t “get the appeal” of something “forty years later,” it’s probably because you aren’t forty-one years or older; nostalgia isn’t for everyone. And if you don’t “get the appeal” of three attractive young girls in leotards, you’re probably a shrieking fruit. Finally, just because you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time doesn’t mean other people cannot engage in two activities.

    Leave the oh-so-devastating critique to Seanbaby; at least he’s willing to put effort into it. Your posting talents lie more with leaving three-word messages on 4chan that always end with “SUX.”

    Alexander Cabot III

    • It’s hard to argue your logic… considering there doesn’t seem to be much logic guiding your response, but I did my best to address your oh-so-valid critiques of my oh-so-devastating critique.
      By the by, it’s a little hard to argue that you’re the mature one and I’m the talentless one when one of your reasons for why my opinion isn’t valid involves the term “shrieking fruit”
      Take a shot at enlightenment, will ya?

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