Dear Kid on the Bus

Dear Kid on the Bus,
At first I was a little nervous that you kept staring at me.
I mean, I kept thinking I had something in my teeth or maybe there was a hole in my shirt or something.
But then I noticed you were looking at my arm.
When you’ve got a giant beetle on there, it’s actually pretty common… I’ve just learned to ignore it.
Most people seem to make an involuntary face that betrays their disgust or confusion, but the look on your face?
Well, it was priceless, really.
I was nervous for a second when you leaned over to your mom, who was about 2 seats away from me.
But then she said, “Go on, go ahead and tell him.”
Seriously, nothing could have prepared me for what you were gonna say next in your adorable, little speech impediment.
“I like your bug,” or at least I think that was the sentiment, but it came out more like, “I like yow buh.”
The diction could’ve used a little work, but eh, you looked like you were about four so I can’t expect too much.
Besides, it’s the thought that counts.
So thank you, for making my day. I just hope your mom doesn’t blame me if you decide to get tattoos one day…


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