Dear Negligent Dog Owner

Dear Negligent Dog Owner,
As I was walking down the street, past my local Gap, I couldn’t help but notice a dog tied up outside.
Now, this was an older guy, a golden retriever, probably 8 or 9, panting in the summer heat as he tried to find shade in the small amount of green that Chicago has to offer.
Me? I’ve never been one to leave my dog outside like that. I guess I’m a helicopter parent or something because I’m always afraid something awful will happen to him so I just can’t stand to it.
But ya know what’s the worst?
There’s no reason for the dog to be outside.
I’m not talking about in the grand scheme of things because, believe me, I understand the hassl e of taking the dog back home and then walking back to the store. But that Gap?
They allow dogs.
How do I know? Well, because my very own dog has been inside… or maybe it’s the signs that populate the window declaring “We welcome pets on leashes!”
Either learn to read or leave your dog at home. I really don’t care which one but to make the dog suffer because you seem to be a moron? Now, how does that seem fair to the poor guy?


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