Dear Light Up Shoes Makers

Dear Light Up Shoes Makers,
How about some fun for the rest of us, okay?
I know you think the whole “light up shoe” thing is kinduva niche market, but believe me, a la Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come.
I can already vouch for at least two whole buyers!
Okay, maybe in the grand scheme of things… and given the amount of money that goes into production… okay, maybe that’s not a sound investment, but still, you’ll never know if you don’t try, right?
That’s what my mom always used to tell me.
Well, that and that light up shoes are tacky, so I was never allowed to have them as a kid…
So not only would you be making money, if you went with a line of adult light up shoes, but you’d be fulfilling a childhood dream.
Think about it, okay? Just, before you say no, think about it?

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