Dear Kai Owen

Dear Kai Owen,
Thank you for pretty much making my life.
Sure, we could debate about whether that means I have no life or not (I really don’t…) but I feel like that might detract from the sentiment.
See, I’m always nervous about meeting actors or actresses… celebrities of any kind, lest they disappoint my alarmingly high expectations for them.
You, on the other hand? Well, you had a distinct advantage… Don’t get me wrong, I love just about everybody on Torchwood (Mekhi being the obvious exception this season) but Rhys as always seemed kinda secondary to me.
So thank you, for not only exceeding my expectations, but for something else too.
Otherwise might find it unorthodox that you all asked someone to run grab beers so you could drink during your panel. Personally, I found it charming.
It was even more charming when you looked out into the crowd, after drinking two of the three beers some overzealous fan had brought you, and asked who wanted the last one.
Well, I wasn’t gonna miss the opportunity to drink, and if it happened to be a free beer from the guy who acts on one of my favorite TV shows, well that’s just all the better.
So when you and Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones, as I prefer to call him) not only offered me the beer, but cheers-ed me too, it was definitely a highlight.
When you even remembered me when I came by your booth the next day? Yeah, that didn’t hurt the whole “loving you” thing either. So thanks for the memories and the beer wasn’t half bad either.


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