Dear Gay Culture

Dear Gay Culture,
I know there’s really no one person this is directed to, so I’ll just take a general approach.
Look, the sleeping with guys thing? Sure, I’m down.
The no marriage thing? Granted, it’s not by choice, but I’m still there.
But this whole fashion thing? Forget the fact that I have no clue about what shirt brings out the color of my eyes or what pants go with what shirt… let’s talk about the real problem here.
Being gay is expensive.
Sure, there are a lotta stereotypes surrounding homosexuality, like the designer clothes and all that, but stereotypes come from somewhere… well, for the most part.
And since I’m a broke college student, nor do I have much interest in designer clothing, I was wondering if it was too late to tender my resignation as a gay man?
Like I said, I’ll still do the gay things, like sleeping with guys and all that, but the pressure of the stereotype is just too much.
Get back to me whenever you get the chance.
– Calhoun


6 thoughts on “Dear Gay Culture

  1. Haha — they need to come up with a gay-friendly clothing line available at Wal-Mart. I bet it would be just as if not more popular than the Mary-Kate and Ashley line of years past.

  2. Haha- I can totally relate! Even if it weren’t for being seriously in the hole from college, I am color-blind and fashion blind. I used to laugh silently at the irony when I was in the closet…

    • The irony is not lost on me haha
      Especially since I tend to follow a pretty strict diet of white tee, blue jeans, and my leather chucks
      Bold, right?

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