Dear Elderly Couple Playing Scrabble

Dear Elderly Couple Playing Scrabble,
While normally my heart would melt and I’d issue an “awww” that would make the studio audience of Full House blush, I have a little problem with this image.
No, it’s not that you two are playing on an iPad for some reason… seriously, does no one appreciate the tactile anymore?
But when you lay it out, flat on the table, both players’ tiles are perfectly visible.
I’m sure there’s an element of trust that comes with having been together for a while, as I assume you two have been, but seriously?
What about the strategy? Dicking people over before they can make a good move is one of the best parts of Scrabble!
Or maybe it only is for us sociopaths… regardless, even if you don’t get enjoyment out of a defensive approach to Scrabble, you don’t help the other person!
Lady, you just told him that he could score a double word! What is wrong with you?!?
Okay, maybe I just take my games of Scrabble too seriously, but it’s getting too painful to watch you play.
The sweetness of two wrinkly old people enjoying each other’s company has given way to my overly competitive way of life. Sorry.


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