Dear Strangers

Dear Strangers,
I’m noticing a trend. See, in the past few weeks, I’ve been getting a lot of attention.
I don’t mean that as a cocky statement, I just mean that, since I’ve come to this coffee shop for months now, it seems rather odd that at least five people have introduced themselves to me in this past week.
Now, I’m sure if I tried harder, I could find a way to put this delicately, but let’s be honest, I have no real interest in that.
I don’t like you.
Well, it’s not that I actively dislike you, it’s more that I don’t want you to like me.
Most conversation has been out of politeness and any friendliness you’re feeling from me? Well, that would be a mistake on your part.
So please let me return to my life of solitude and stop talking to me.


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