Dear Superman

Dear Superman,
Don’t you ever get sick of being the good guy?
I mean, I know you’ve had your flirtations with evil-doing, but I mean, I’m not even a superhero and I get tired of helping people.
I guess in extreme circumstances I kinda get it, like if somebody falls out a window. I mean, who else is gonna save ’em? But you get called for all sorts of stuff.
Cat stuck in a tree? Call Superman.
Lex Luthor planning on using a device to bring the moon closer to earth, thus messing up the tides and flooding the world? Call Superman.
Lost your car keys? Call Superman.
I get it, you’re a good guy and all, but I feel like you get taken for granted when you do that much good.
Ever heard the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder?
Why not disappear for awhile? Make the world realize how good they’ve got it with a superhero like you on their side. Just a thought.


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