Dear Guy Tapping on the Glass

Dear Guy Tapping on the Glass,
Something tells me you don’t have a lotta experience with kids…
I know the little guy is playing right in front of the door, thus blocking your exit, but seriously?
Your solution is to tap the glass?
I mean, they tell you not to do that at the zoo and those are just animals.
I feel like the same rule probably applies to children, but I could be wrong.
Ya know what? Nah, I’m gonna take a chance and say I feel pretty confident that I’m right…
So in the future, I’m gonna give you the advice that my mom always gave me when I was a little kid.
Use your big boy words.
The little guy was only, like, 4 years old, but I’m sure if you’d have asked him to move, he probably would have… or he would’ve been terrified that a stranger was talking to him and he would’ve run back to his mommy.
Either way, it gets the job done. Give it a shot next time.


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