Dear Republicans

Dear Republicans,
If any of you are re-thinking your political leanings after last night, nobody blames you.
In fact, I’m here to tell you that, as a Democrat, I’m happy to welcome you into the fold with open arms.
We only have a couple of rules…
The xenophobic thing? Yeah, that’s gotta go.
The 9/11 rhetoric? You could stand to loosen up on that a little bit too. Nobody’s denying it was terrible, but it’s almost 10 years later, shouldn’t the healing process have begun by now?
The gun thing? While I understand that you’re irrationally terrified of black people, the gays, and well, any non-whites really, no problem was ever solved by just shooting it. You could stand to use a little creativity in your problem solving.
I don’t think any of those seem too unreasonable, but in case they are, good luck with Rick Perry on your side…


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