Dear Trucker Hat

Dear Trucker Hat,
I hope you’re happy.
Becoming a fashion icon for douchebags everywhere is no easy feat.
I’m not sure if it’s the “ironic” adornment of trucker hats by overly privileged white kids who’ve never had to work a day in their lives or if it’s the emblazoned ironic slogan that seems to populate so many of these hats, but there’s something about it.
I mean, look at the picture above. “Teenage Millionaire?”
It’s funny cuz Ashton Kutcher isn’t a teenager! He’s a twenty-something. Now let’s all have a laugh, shall we?
It’s hard to imagine that a single article of clothing could manage to piss me off as much as trucker hats do, but there you have it.
I don’t claim that it’s rational, but it’s there nonetheless.
So do the world a favor, douchebags and Ashton Kutchers (a.k.a. famous douchebags) of the world.
Try expressing yourself through something that isn’t mass produced.


6 thoughts on “Dear Trucker Hat

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