Dear Asshole Hailing a Cab at a Bus Stop

WARNING: Post contains “mature” language. Then again, if you didn’t get that from the title, you’re probably a dumbass. Oops, there I go again…

Dear Asshole Hailing a Cab at a Bus Stop,
I understand you’re an important guy and you gotta get to your job on time or something like that, but other people do too.
I can see how you might not think that this affects you, but see, when you hail a cab at a bus stop, it does.
It’s true, it’s not really directly affecting you. It’s more of an indirect “fucking everyone else over” kind of effect.
See, when cabs stop at the bus stops, bus drivers tend to have to stall a little, throwing off the bus schedule, no matter how gradually.
But let’s get at the root of the real problem, shall we? It’s not really about time management, is it? (This is the part where I would normally do the Good Will Hunting “it’s not your fault” speech to soften you up a little bit)
So what is it? Mommy and daddy didn’t love you enough? Uncle Larry touched you in a bad place? Or could it possibly be that you’re just too goddamn lazy to walk across the street, in any direction, to distance yourself from the actual bus stop to hail your cab?
Please don’t mistake my tone for genuine concern. I just kinda wanted to make you feel bad about yourself… dick.


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