Dear Guy Making Awkward Eye Contact

Dear Guy Making Awkward Eye Contact,
Yes, it’s me. And by “me” I mean, we’ve seen each other outside of the confines of this coffee shop. In fact, I think there’s a good possibility that we live on the same street.
… but that’s not why you’re looking at me weird, is it?
Yes, it’s also the same “me” that you saw walking his dog at 6:30 on a Sunday morning… in his boxer briefs.
Can I just explain myself though? Okay, the dog really needed to go out and it was early in the morning so I was tired, but I also thought “who else is crazy enough to be up and about at this ungodly hour?”
Wow… that didn’t really take long to explain… nor do I think it made a good case for my sanity.
Ya know what? I can see that this is doing very little to persuade you that I’m not some sort of sexual deviant, so I’m just gonna quit while I’m ahead.


2 thoughts on “Dear Guy Making Awkward Eye Contact

  1. Love it. I often let my dog out (our yard is fenced) and need to go out in the early morning hours to check on her, in my nightie. Without fail someone will drive by – usually at least a local deputy sheriff. I just wave now.

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