Dear Couples

Dear Couples,
I’m happy for you. Believe me, I am.
I’m glad that you’ve found wedded bliss or your other half or whatever you wanna call it, but not that I’ve taken the obligatory sentence to validate your life choices, lemme explain mine to you.
While I appreciate the fact that you may have a friend that you think I’d “really hit it off with,” it’s really not necessary.
See, here’s the thing. I’m single by choice. I know people say that all the time, but have you ever stopped to think that it might be a real thing?
It’s not just some fallacy in a Katherine Heigl rom-com. You know, “single by choice” until she meets the right man and he tames her wily ways?
There are some of us that are legitimately not interested in the life of domesticity you so proudly subscribe to. So I’m glad that you’ve found Mr. or Mrs. Right, but I’m not looking, and if you could stop looking for me, that’d be great.


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