Dear Overweight Guy

Dear Overweight Guy,
I have nothing against “bigger” people. Whatever, it’s just some people’s body types.
What I do have a problem with is hypocrisy.
I’m sure you’re happy in your own skin and I’m certainly thankful for that. As long as you’re healthy, what does it matter how your body looks?
But when you sit in the coffee shop, reading an article about nudists, then make the remark “why do nudists always have the worst bodies?” I can’t help but take notice.
I mean, let’s ignore the general weirdness of the statement and focus on what you meant to say.
I’m not going to pull the whole “are you really one to judge?” card. That’s just catty.
But really, haven’t you ever been in that situation? Where somebody tells you that you aren’t good enough because you’re not the classically handsome guy with washboard abs.
It’d be a different story if you had a personality to speak of, but in addition to being horribly judgmental, you’re also dull as dirt.
I’m not saying it’ll happen today or tomorrow, but I can’t help but feel like you’re gonna be on the receiving end of those superficial remarks at some point in your life.
Truth be told, I’d be sad for you if it wasn’t so funny.
Thanks for keeping the stereotype about the superficial youth-obsessed gay culture alive after all these years.


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