Dear Customers

Dear Customers,
While I know that it might fill your petty lives with joy to shit on the people that serve you coffee or food or whatever, rest assured, they don’t get paid enough to put up with it.
Forget the fact that they don’t need it, it’s just basic human decency.
Now I know there are all those stories about cooks spitting in the food of rude customers and, having never worked in the food service industry, I can’t really vouch for them.
All I’m saying is, I probably would.
So while you continue to micromanage your oh-so-busy lives or chat over coffee about the latest charity luncheon, try thinking about somebody other than yourselves for two minutes.
Because those rumors about people spitting in your food or your drink? Well, they might just be true.
Lord knows it’s not beneath me, so you better hope I never get a job preparing food…


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