Dear Past Me

Dear Past Me,
This is not to be confused with the . This is more a note to the Me that I’ve become… and probably still am right now.
Anyways, we need to talk about your priorities.
Look, I know you’re doing film festival coverage, thesis, and trying to plan a move cross country in the next few months, but seriously? How could you forget to post yesterday?
I mean, that’s just selfish.
You know that you make other people’s days with your hilarious insights and curmudgeon-like nature at only 24 years old.
Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen again, okay?
Present You (Or is it Present Me? Ya know what, let’s just stick with Calhoun)

PS To readers, I really and truly am sorry that I dropped the ball yesterday, but rest assured, it won’t happen again. Well, it might… but I’ll try not to, deal?


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