Dear Zachary Quinto

Dear Zachary Quinto,
You’re here. You’re queer. We’ve already gotten used to it.
I’m glad you finally felt comfortable publicly identifying yourself as a gay man, but maybe it was something about that hot and heavy make-out session on So NoTorious (yes, I watched it) or your constant answer of “no comment” when grilled about your public life, but something kinda tipped me off a while ago.
Were you worried about your leading man status?
Cuz I gotta say… I don’t see it.
Sure, there was So NoTorious and there was Heroes… Oh, and Star Trek, but seriously, what else are you doing?
Well, here’s to hoping the publicity from coming out might at least get you some auditions to tide you over for a while, cuz let’s be honest, you can only ride that Star trek gravy train for so long.


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