Dear Chatty Cathy

Dear Chatty Cathy,
I use the title ironically, of course.
You introduced yourself once, but since then, I guess I’ve just got forgotten it.
It’s unfortunate too because it makes the times that you come up and talk to me while I’m writing even more awkward.
Don’t get me wrong, they’re already pretty awkward.
For instance, I avoid eye contact… in hopes that you’ll get the hint.
I only pull one of my headphones off, which I always thought made it pretty clear that I’d rather listen to my music than talk to you.
Still, no such luck.
I’d tell you to cut it out right now… but it’s kinda hard to call someone out over the internet when you don’t actually know their name.
Hopefully, you’ll get the point soon enough, or else I might be forced to learn your name.


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