Dear Bea Arthur

Dear Bea Arthur,
I know it’s been awhile since we’ve connected, but to be fair, that’s because some asshole stole my Golden Girls DVDs.
But I’ve been wondering, how are things goin’ for ya these days?
I mean, Heaven’s good? Nice weather?
Is it anything like my grandparent’s retirement community in Sarasota? That’s kinda how I’ve always pictured it… Anyways, you’ve probably gotta go play shuffleboard with Lucille Ball or something, so I don’t wanna keep you.
But just before I let you go, mind putting in a good word for me with the big guy?
I feel like I could probably use all the endorsements I could use, especially with the whole sodomy thing.
No need to give me an answer now. Just think about it and keep me posted, will ya? That’d be great, thanks.


2 thoughts on “Dear Bea Arthur

  1. Lol “…grandparents retirement community in Sarasota Fla…” I love that image. F-ing shuffleboard in Heaven with Dean Martin, HST & Keith Moon-Good Times man good times-As to the other C, well, we’re all f-in sinners…eatin ice cream is eatin ice cream, don’t matter what the flavor-Funny write

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