Dear Maker’s Mark

Dear Maker’s Mark,
Now, I know by law that you folks are required to put “Drink responsibly” on the labels, but I have a suggestion.
Have you ever considered showing the results of when you don’t drink responsibly?
I think that some folks did that for cigarettes… ya know, showing, like, people with holes in their throats and graphic images of mouth cancer and stuff?
But, while I’m not debating whether the long-term effects of smoking are any better and/or worse than drinking, just think about it.
Regrettable sex.
Table dancing.
Public singing of countless Journey songs.
Does it really get any uglier than that?
So do your part, Maker’s Mark. Share with the world the atrocities that people commit while drinking whiskey. And if I can save one underage soul from performing his/her own rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin'” I will have done my part.
Thank you.


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