Dear Caribou Clique

Dear Caribou Clique,
I know that I’m probably one of the “undesirables” in your coffee-infused world.
I get it. You know what you like. And evidently, it’s not me.
I wouldn’t have such a problem with it if it weren’t for the fact that one of you (who shall remain nameless) begrudgingly sat at my table.
I know, most of the seats at your usual table were taken up, so I just decided to roll with it.
After all, I’m at a table for four, so there at least three empty spots here so it was a pretty natural progression to migrate east to my table.
It’s not so much that you sat at my table. It’s more the way you left it.
I wouldn’t have minded if you packed up and moved to the other table, it’s how you did it.
Don’t act like you’re sneaking out after a torrid one-night stand.
In fact, don’t sneak off at all.
Just pack up and leave. I really don’t mind.
It’s just, the way that you snuck off? Well, it kinda makes us both look cheap.
Just keep that in mind next time you find yourself sitting next to an “undesirable.”


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