Dear WordPress (Pt. 2)

Dear WordPress,
Here we are again. I find myself, once again, singing your praises but somewhat confused by your choices.
Let’s talk about this “Blog Post Goals” feature.
After each post, I find myself greeted by a non-descript congratulations about my latest post.
Like before, there’s a word count and a poorly phrased interjection like “Whoopee!” or “Out of sight!”
The only new thing is this little graph that says “Congratulations, you are 2 posts away from your post goal!”
Now, here’s where I get confused.
… what post goal?
I don’t remember setting one, nor do I remember even being asked to set one.
So while I appreciate the enthusiasm and the encouragement, it all rings a bit hollow when WordPress picks an arbitrary number for you… so thanks, but no thanks.


2 thoughts on “Dear WordPress (Pt. 2)

  1. It’s like in school where those in charge have decided what you are to accomplish? ( did anyone ever listen or care?) And those phrase, sometimes stupid, alway annoying and irritating. You had guts to say it, but great post.

    • Glad you enjoyed reading!
      It does seem slightly ridiculous that there’s this expectation of a certain number of posts being equated with success, right?

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